Mission Statement

Southeast Region

The Southeast Region SASI  Philosophy and Goals focuses on high school student athletes-bringing them  together to discuss and develop leadership skills, building greater citizenship  skills, learning drug refusal skills, and producing students who promote safe  schools. Our Institute is an early prevent/intervention measure for the student  athletes themselves. This will be accomplished by encouraging and teaching good  decision making and communication skills, promoting healthy and safe lifestyles,  gaining an awareness of the risks and hazards of substance use and peer helping.  The students will also prepare a plan of action to implement in their individual  schools and communities. It will be our commitment that all activities,  speakers, curriculum, student athletes and staff members will exhibit high moral  and ethical character and these activities will be wholesome and therefore  promote the ideal of SASI.

What Are SASI's Goals


  Decrease the detrimental effects of alcohol and other drugs  

Peer Pressure Coping

  Teach coping techniques for appropriate peer interactions in a variety of settings  

Peer Empowerment

Methods of empowerment with anticipated outcomes

Positive Role Model Development

Group discussions of how to be a positive role model with young children and peers

Leadership Skills

Instruction in leadership skills with activities for applying skills

Goal Setting & Planning

Opportunity to design an action plan to take a stand against risk behaviors at home, school, and in the community

How Much Does It Cost?

SASI is one of the only summer camps of it's kind for athlete participants! Each school handles the cost for camp differently, some raise money, some are part of their athletics budget, and others pay individually. The price for the four day camp is $125 per person. In addition, if the athlete attends the Fall Kick-Off in August, the price for the day attendance is $50. Again, each school handles camp cost differently and you should discuss this information with your advisor, however, if an athlete wants to attend, and cost is a factor, we will make it work! The only thing each participant is absolutely required to bring is a great attitude and the willingness to push themselves  mentally and physically. 

All participants MUST be accompanied by an advisor, unless given prior authorization. Each advisor must attend both sessions during the summer and the reunion in the spring. All advisors have to attend a mandatory training in the spring to learn how to teach the message of SASI. Athletes can attend any SASI camp in the state if your region is not participating on any given year/ Any school can start a program, they just have to contact the NCHSAA, their local SASI Region Director, or myself, and we will be glad to assist you.  

How Do I Find Out More

If your school is interested in starting a SASI program, or if you are a student looking to start this program as a club at  your school that does not have a program, then you can receive more information  at any of these websites: 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Or view our brochure here. Did I mention SASI looks great on college applications!